The Amateur Radio Discovery Scheme

It’s currently in beta for testing and comment but in due course there will be a supporting social media and/or forum site for support or to simply brag! 20180429133334

Our amateur radio licences are based on self-training in wireless technology; this Scheme encourages you to do that, by exploring new activities and ideas for yourself.

There’s no urgency, no pressure and no time limits.

Discovery – grow by doing.

Enjoy and have fun!

The Scheme Sections

Operating – generally: Badges are given for various forms of mostly traditional amateur radio operating from a handheld rig through a repeater to EME and everything in between and around about.FT8 spectrum

Operating – digital, image and satellite: Badges for operating various forms of these modes which are becoming more and more common.

Participation in award schemes: Badges for achievements in, for example SOTA, WAB, and various RSGB awards.

Contesting and radio sport: Badges for taking part in contests from an informal local foxhunt through to winning a formal contest.

20140926_152749 (2)Group activities (non-contest): for example, volunteering, mentoring, dxpeditions, club talks, YOTA/JOTA & TDOA events.

Promoting amateur radio: special event stations, demonstrations, social media and so on.

Making: from simple kits, through to designing and building a complex piece of equipment, including software, microcontrollers and single board computers.

Tinkering and experimenting: setting up for digital operation, remote operation, improving station performance, antenna and propagation testing, modifications and anything else you can think of.Eznec - loop

Learning and research: expand your proficiency, technical knowledge, Morse code, writing articles, exploration of SDR systems through to writing a book or researching the application of artificial intelligence in amateur radio.

Activity resources

A good search engine is your friend here – there is an enormous amount of material on the web, waiting to be found and viewed.

The RSGB and others publish a wide range of books that can assist you in taking up one of the activities – browse in the RSGB shop.

The social media group or forum will be another good place to start or ask questions. Alternatively, you can contact me and I’ll try to help.

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