Using the Scheme

The Amateur Radio Discovery Scheme app is for simplicity currently written in a spreadsheet and works with Microsoft Office (2007 or above), Libre Office, Open Office and any other software that accepts the current Microsoft .xlsx file format.

You have an interactive Activity & Badges List, a Scoresheet and an Achievement Certificate all of which can be printed at any time.  There’s also a diary so you can make notes of what you’ve been doing for each activity.  There are currently 134 activities listed for you to enjoy!

When you’ve done a particular activity you simply enter the date you completed it into the Activity & Badges List, the Scoresheet and Achievement Certificate update automatically.

It’s all entirely self-contained, does not rely on the Internet and you can take it as quickly or slowly as you wish – the choice is entirely yours.

For those who prefer paper a PDF file of the Activity & Badges List can also be downloaded and printed, but of course the virtual Badges won’t work.

If there’s sufficient demand I may consider building a web-based version so if that would be of interest please contact me.

There’s no checking that you have done the activity or activities; false entries cheat only yourself!

Of course, you don’t have to complete the app entries to benefit from this Scheme, it just provides a bit of fun and hopefully stimulates further exploration of what amateur radio has to offer.  There’s no rush, take your time and enjoy!

You participate entirely at your own risk; please take care with the activities and if you are unfamiliar with your choice take the time to find out more about it before you take part.

Stay safe and have fun!

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