The Amateur Radio Discovery Scheme

Bud springing to lifeHave you just started in amateur radio?

Would you like to develop your activity to date and improve your achievements from it?

Got a bit stale and want to try something new?

Look no further – this Scheme is here to encourage you to identify lots of activities, from the simple to the advanced, and to try them out.

The activities are divided into a number of Sections and you receive Badges for each one tried and completed, with an Award made when certain levels of achievement are reached within each Section.

There’s a special Award for diverse activities – taking part in several Sections.

It’s currently in beta for testing and comment but in due course there will be a supporting social media and/or forum site for support or to simply brag! 20180429133334

Our amateur radio licences are based on self-training in wireless technology; this Scheme encourages you to do that, by exploring new activities and ideas for yourself.

There’s no urgency, no pressure and no time limits.

Enjoy and have fun!

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